Getting to College

How to get to college and pay for it!
Scholarship Information
is a great site to visit and sign up for scholarship
updates. Students just fill out their information
and they will get a list of scholarships that they
qualify for as well as updates as additional
scholarships are added!
Financial Aid

Getting help with the expenses of college is a
mystery to some parents.
Here is a great way for parents to get started
with the research for paying for college.   
Parents can go to this page and
can fill out information to see if they qualify
for grants and financial aid. 
Know How 2 Go
Resources for Parents and Students on
how to get to college.

Classroom Helpers!
Lectures or Tutorials!

March 2 Success
This site offers online tests to get you ready for thePSAT, SAT and ACT.
This site will improve
your scores!

This site offers free tutoring on
a variety of subjects.
Basic Guide to
Writing Essays

Everything you need to write that all important essay for scholarships or applications.

Interactive Math
S. O. S. Math
Get help with all your Math
issues at these sites.

Online Writing Lab
at Purdue

This site offers an array of writing suggestions.
Guide to Grammar
and Writing
Effective tool to assist
you with writing.
The Physics Classroom
Everyone needs help with Physics.
This is the place!